Meteor Shower
Herní styl [uncategorized]
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1984
Programátor Peter Lear
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název Blasphemy #2
Typ C64 Music Collection
Vydal 1997 / Hitmen
Program Erol
Hudba 6R6, Agemixer, Angee, Atom, AudioMaster J, Babyface, Bax, Bleed Into One, booker, Brian, Brizz, Chubrock, Cleve, Comer, Compod, Cosowi, CreaMD, Dalton, Dane, Danko, Decoder, Decoy, Deek, Defbeat, Dgazz, dm, Dr. Zoom, Drax, Echo, Eco, EVS, Eye, Fanta, Flex, Fuben, Gangstar, Glover, Greg, Gregfeel, Guy Shavitt, Imaic, Iron Cat, Jadawin, JCH, Jeff, JVD, kb, Kristian Røstøen, Kruger, Little SID, Lyon, ManiB4, Metal, MHD, Mitch, Morbid, MSK, Olsen, Orcan, Page, PCH, Peet, Praiser, PRI, PVL, QBhead, Rap, Rayden, Red Devil, Rorschach, S.U.C.K., Sane, Scarlet, Scortia, Shogoon, Signor, Slide, SMC, Snap, Spike, String, T.L.F., The Beasty Boy, The Magical Garfield, Thomas Detert, Tracker, Trays, Trident, Trugoy, Vip, Wacek, Xayne, Zardax, Zyron, ZZR
Grafika Cupid, Erol, RRR, Stone
SID(y) <?>, <?>, 1993, Absolute, AC/DC, Am I Right?, Anarchophobia, Atmosfear, Badoo Moo Meeh Uuh Umm, Bajerek, Bass-ic Instinct, Blood Hand, Boneyard, Brand New, Break Free, Bronskizak, Brubaker (intro), China, City Bomber (preview), Cool Weekend, Coops Ups, CoverGirl Strip Poker, Cripton (Part II), Crummy Nut, Dancing Shoe, Dirty Diana, Don't Cry, Doublefunk, Driven #14, Electricity, Electronical Outbreak, Elementary, Exhaustion, F4CG Intro 16, Fable, Fashionable Fusion, Fast Love, For my Lady, For North Party, Frazze, Freddy Kruger, Freelance, Gang I Den, Glamour Day, Gloriously Slain, Gotic, Groove Is in the Heart, Have a Drink, Heal the World, Hit 'n' Run, Hold On, House Zak, Hydrogene, In the Mood, Jupiter41, Justintime (part 8), Kao 3, Magnetic Moons, Mindriot, Mission Impossible, Mollusc, Music 9, Muz 4 Domination, My Twisted Foot, Mystery, Naturalis, Newer, Night Life, No Limit, Ocean Breeze, Oracle 3 (Loader), Over and Out, Palle's Theme 2, Panimo, Pocahontas, Psychic, Quarks Rain, Ruby, Schnoempf, September Celebration (tune 7), Shock Magazine, Shogoon-Rave, Sidchip Music Score 9, Slapped Bass, Smilygirl, Soldier of Fortune, Sonic Impression, Species, Staggering Home, Technotism, The Britbeef Symphony, Trible Speed Tune, Virtual Insanity, Vision of You, Who Sucks Now ?, Without You, World Wide Message Tribe, Worms, Xayne Jammin', Zwei Bereten
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