Mouse in the House
Herní styl Miscellaneous
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1986
Programátor James C. Hilty
Grafik (Unknown)


Inception - 8 joysticks adapter

Inception specification
  • Support 8x joysticks for multiplayer games
  • Support 8x PS2 PC mouse
  • C64 mouse emulation
  • Easy plug to one joy port ( no user port )
  • Automatic detection
  • JOY info diodes on the board
  • External math coprocessor 40 Mhz

  • Complet SDK download here
    Ray say : Incpetions doesn't include real math coprocessor, but it includes HCS08 Freescale CPU running @ 40MHz (core speed) with basic math functions eg. multiply and divide.
    8x8 multiply takes 10 cycles
    16/8 division takes 12 cycles
    16x16 multiply takes (routine) aprox 400 cycles (32 bit result)
    32+48 add (par of MAC) takes 200 cycles
    So, compare to c64 which runs 40x slower...

    Inception order

    If you would to order Inception64, click here