Herní styl Draughts/Checkers
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1983
Programátor Lester W. Cain
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Sceneři

Země Hungary
Ex-skupinaRelax Magazine Staff, Graffity, Cadgers

Název Kategorie Vocogou Datum vydání
#r3b1r7h: A. C64 Graphics Code 23.1.2014
19 Years Rambo C64 One-File Demo Code 28.6.1995
Against Right C64 Misc. Code 0000-00-00
Alien Visitor fixed C64 Graphics Code 11.1.2011
Arok Scroll C64 Intro Code 15.7.2007
BBS Chronicle 96 C64 Misc. Code 1996
Black Magic C64 One-File Demo Code 19.5.2015
Cadgers Doublespeed Noter C64 Tool Code 1993
Cadgers Intro 01 C64 Crack Intro Code 1992
Cadgers Intro 04 C64 Crack Intro Code 8.1992
Cadgers Intro 10 C64 Crack Intro Code 1991
Cadgers-Noter V2.0 C64 Tool Code 1992
Cadgers-Noter V3.0 C64 Tool Code 1992
Cadgers-Noter V4.0 C64 Tool Code 0000-00-00
Cadgers-Noter V4.3 C64 Tool Code 0000-00-00
Cadgers-Noter V4.5 C64 Tool Code 0000-00-00
Cadgers-Noter V6.3 C64 Tool Code 1994
Compomusic Chubrock C64 Music Code 0000-00-00
Compomusic Peet C64 Music Code 0000-00-00
Coopdentro C64 Fake Demo Code 21.8.1994
Covermania #8 C64 Misc. Code 12.7.1993
Crystal Gazer C64 One-File Demo Code 3.11.2018
Day and Night C64 Graphics Collection Code 30.9.2012
Deep 90% C64 Graphics Collection Code 30.7.2006
Definately Funky C64 Music Code 8.10.2005
Demo of the Year 2013 C64 Demo Code 21.7.2013
Demo of the Year 2014 C64 Demo Code 5.7.2015
Demo of the Year 2014 [102% final version] C64 Demo Code 11.7.2015
Demode C64 Demo Code 24.10.2004
Desert Dream C64 Demo Code 8.4.2007
Discovering a New Planet C64 Graphics Code 8.10.2006
Every DYCP Counts in Large Amounts C64 One-File Demo Code 26.10.2008
Flatline C64 Demo Code 30.5.1993
Forgotten Dots C64 One-File Demo Code 17.4.2013
Gear Up! C64 One-File Demo Code 31.1.1999
Glance C64 Graphics Code 12.9.2007
Higher Love C64 Demo Code 29.12.1996
Híradó #3 C64 Diskmag Code 27.5.1993
Hyperdrift C64 Intro Code 28.12.2019
In the End of Everything... C64 Graphics Code 19.12.2013
Irrational C64 Demo Code 12.8.2005
Lda Stain C64 4K Intro Code 26.3.2005
Legacy C64 Graphics Collection Code 31.7.2011
Logoshow C64 Graphics Collection Code 1994
Magyar Mehesz #5 C64 Diskmag Code 1994
More Tools C64 Tool Collection Code 24.7.1993
My first FLI logo C64 Graphics Code 8.5.2007
Nine C64 4K Intro Code 4.4.2010
Nostalgia Intro C64 Crack Intro Code 17.5.2012
Perfect Pixels C64 Graphics Collection Code 28.12.2007
Pimp My Commodore C64 One-File Demo Code 8.7.2012
Pimp My Commodore 100% C64 One-File Demo Code 15.11.2012
Pixel Perfect C64 Tool Code 15.10.2007
Pixel Perfect V1.1 C64 Tool Code 18.11.2007
Positive Karma C64 One-File Demo Code 28.12.2008
Proud and Beautiful C64 Graphics Code 31.10.2007
Province C64 Demo Code 1.8.1992
Quadrant C64 One-File Demo Code 5.9.2010
Revolution C64 Demo Code 29.12.1994
Richard Parker C64 Graphics Code 5.4.2013
Rocketry C64 Demo Code 15.8.2015
Run! Fly! Race! C64 Graphics Code 23.8.2006
Silver Star C64 One-File Demo Code 24.8.2008
Song of Fall - Broad Edition C64 Demo Code 23.8.2009
Star Flake C64 Music Collection Code 22.1.2006
Syllinor's Birthday C64 One-File Demo Code 1992
Tempting C64 Graphics Code 15.10.2006
Unicorn C64 Demo Code 15.4.2006
Unicorn, the Collectors Edition C64 Demo Code 2.5.2006
Unreleased Pimps C64 Music Collection Code 9.8.2011
X-mas coop C64 One-File Demo Code 7.12.1991
X-mas Cooperation 2 C64 Demo Code 12.1992
XXXmas C64 Graphics Code 25.12.2015

19 Years Rambo
Cadgers Intro 03
Cadgers Intro 04
Leave it to me!
Star Flake
Unreleased Pimps


Hardcode and datamining by PCH of UNREAL, Hardware guru by RAY of UNREAL, Bugs report by SILLICON of UNREAL
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