Ann Gong
Herní styl Fighting
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 2005
Programátor Stefano Tognon
Grafik Stefano Tognon


DSPD - Sceneři

Země Netherlands
SkupinaSlash Design
Ex-skupinaDutch Cracking Team

Název Kategorie Vocogou Datum vydání
Arcanum C64 Demo Code 19.11.2000
Bin2prg Other Platform C64 Tool Code 25.4.2006
Brainless Act C64 Demo Code 27.6.1993
Brand New Intro C64 Crack Intro Code 1.3.2009
Copyname Other Platform C64 Tool Code 12.10.2008
Design Overdose C64 Demo Code 29.12.1996
Fierce Creations C64 Demo Code 6.4.1997
Hack'em Collection C64 Tool Collection Code 1993
Insatiable C64 Graphics Code 13.4.2001
Logo Generator v1.25 C64 Tool Code 1993
Logo generator v1.31 C64 Tool Code 1996
LZWVL Other Platform C64 Tool Code 6.8.2009
Moozpack 4 C64 Music Collection Code 22.11.2009
Paradise C64 One-File Demo Code 2.1993
Pearls for Pigs C64 Demo Code 26.10.2008
Pearls for Pigs (35 tracks) [pal only] C64 Demo Code 3.4.2009
Pinball Dreams 64 C64 Game Preview Code 1.1.2005
Pinball Dreams C64 Preview C64 Game Preview Code 16.4.2006
Primary Scar C64 Demo Code 17.8.2004
Progflasher C64 Tool Code 30.11.2001
Quaver C64 Music Collection Code 10.1993
Real Thang, Vice or Hoxs? C64 Tool Code 14.5.2008
Reikholska C64 One-File Demo Code 1993
Rle.exe Other Platform C64 Tool Code 8.6.2006
Singles Collection Volume 2 C64 Demo Code 25.7.2003
Trans*Form C64 Demo Code 29.7.2006
Vingeroefening C64 4K Intro Code 16.4.2001
Who Cares C64 Demo Code 1.1994
World Demise C64 Demo Code 23.4.1995

Compopic WVL
Pearls for Pigs
Pearls for Pigs (35 tracks) [pal only]


Hardcode and datamining by PCH of UNREAL, Hardware guru by RAY of UNREAL, Bugs report by SILLICON of UNREAL
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