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Rok vydání 9991
Programátor (Unknown)
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název Commy Music #3
Typ C64 Music Collection
Vydal 5.6.2002 / Voodoo
Program Oray
Hudba Agemixer, booker, Brian, Bzyk, Cleve, Daf, Dane, Data, Dave, Deek, Deviator, DJ Sharp, Djinn, Dr. Voice, Drax, Dune, Eco, Eye, Fanta, Froyd, Fuben, Ganja, Gregfeel, Guy Shavitt, kb, Klax, Kordiaukis, Martens, Mitch, Morbid, Orcan, Peet, Praiser, PRI, PVCF, Rabbi, Randy, Red Devil, Sage, Shapie, Shogoon, Taki, The Syndrom, Wizard, Xayne, Yoko, Zbyti, Zonix, Zyron
Grafika Lobo
SID(y) <?>, 2nd Reality (part 3), 4 Years (end), Action, Alone Inside, Alpha-Remix, Attitude, Back to the Uk, Bahama Beach, Batroszyce, Beat Box, Breath of Fire, Classic Touch, Coco Jumbo, Diabolical, Don't Worry, Be Happy, Dreams' Odyssey Part 1, Electricity, Flashback, Free World, Funny, Get-A-Way, Gloria, Harmony, High Hopes, Hypnotize, Intro II, Inverse #05, Jazz Fan, Kaine Kaczor, Leading, Memories, Miecze Valdgira 2, Mini Trancer, Move, My Girl, Needless Things, Neverending Story, New Start, No Good, No Limits, Piece of music, Power, Power of Magic, Prince of Darkness, Radio Napalm, Ravin' Mika, Respect, Revolution, Reynbow, Sonic Empire, Space of Chaos, Species, Speedroad, Stars, Summer..., The Kingdom, The Last Battle, The Most Wanted, The Raven (tune 1), Tropical Bez, Ughala-Tech, Weebles, Wild West Story, Woolgar
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