Who Done It?
Herní styl AdventureWriter/Quill
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1985
Programátor Sameen Ullah
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název Audial Extreme
Typ C64 Music Collection
Vydal 2001 / The Coders
Program Muddler
Hudba A-Man, AudioMaster J, Bappalander, Bax, Beathoven, Bleed Into One, Bordeaux, Cane, celticdesign, Chubrock, Comer, Compod, Daf, Dane, Danko, Decoder, Decoy, Deek, Dgazz, Djinn, DOS, Dr. Voice, Drax, Echo, Fanta, Gaston, Geir Tjelta, Gregfeel, Guy Shavitt, Haldor, Harti, HTD, Imaic, JCH, Jeff, Jeroen Tel, kb, Lyon, MC, MHD, Mitch, Mixer, Moog, MSK, Olsen, Page, PCH, Peet, Praiser, PRI, PVCF, Red Devil, Roy, Scarlet, Scortia, Shogoon, SMC, The Syndrom, Tracker, Wacek, Wizard, Xayne, Zbyti, Zyron
Grafika Muddler
SID(y) 4-Speed Compotune, 4Ten5, 5 People in a Ford Fiesta, A Bit Odd, Abnormal, Am I Right?, Anything, Asbest, Asphyxia, Athana Disc, Avenge, Bajerek, Bladeswede, Blaze of Glory, Bloody Domination (tune 1), Blue-eyes, Bouncing Heart, Bronx Vanilla, Capital Punishment, Change Ya Life, Children, China, Chordian, Christmas Compo, Close to Music, Commercial Break, Compozak, Concerto, Cottage Cheese, CoverGirl Strip Poker, Crazy Rider, Cyberworld, Da WINNER, Delame, Destruction, Detect Failure Demo, Dicapsych!, Disno, DJ-Dancer, Do the Note, Doofee, Dr. Nabla, Dresden Party, Elementary, Experimenthal, Extasy, F.A.K.E - Main music, F4CG Intro 16, Farewell, Fast Shit (Insider 3.2), Faxophone, For Fatum Party #1, For Insider 02, For Insider 04, For KD, For Plasma and Buraki, Frozen Energy, Funky, Funny Techno, Game Finale, Game Music, Gang I Den, Gem'z, Genlock Intro, Geometric 2, Get-A-Way, Glamour Day, Gloria, Going Round, Gotic, Hallucinations, Happy Day, Happy Man, Hard Bass, Hardtrack, Harmony, Hawkeye, Hexagone 5, Hexzakk, Hoppsasa, I Hate Techkkno, I'm Losing You, In My Dreams 1, In My Dreams 2, In My Dreams 3, In My Dreams 6, Infection, Infinity, Insider, Inspiration, Instrument 1, Introfronty, Invitationtune, Kata Sandom, Killing Fields, Kirahvi Power, Labour 4, Labyrinth, Late Lament, Lazy Head (part 1), Lazy Head (part 2), Lojenie Sake, Lord, Mamamia, Man on Fire, Mark's, Mathematica (tune 1), Mathematica (tune 3), Mathematika II, Media Life, Mendacious, Mendip Saga, Menhir Compo, Minoan Man, Mixed Steps on Raining Days, Move 2 Da Rhythm, Multirock, Neeeaung!, No Grammy, Ode to PJO/Vibrants, Oxygen, Parallax, Paranoia (for Insider), Phobos, Pool Party, Popcorn, Popper, Power Off, Prince of Darkness (ingame), Quarks Rain, Quattrodance, Radio Napalm, Raveland, Reggae, Relax, Relaxation, Respect, Rock 'n' Trance, Roll Over, Sampled Birds, Scapelands, Searching, Selfmade Executable, Seven Waves Away, Shining, Shock Magazine, Shogoon-Rave, Short Rave, Sidchip Music Score 13, Sidchip Music Score 19, Sidchip Music Score 9, Six Four, Slynehead, Smilygirl, Soft String, Soldier of Fortune, Sound Test, Space Gun, Species, Stories, Streetno, Supremacy, SurSumTheme, Svend Daellepude, Synth of Sword, Techno Zak, Technobeat, Technology, Technowave, Tekk-No, The Akron, The Kingdom, The Party '93, The Timp Groove, Time, Time is Up, TMK Noter, Trancelusion, Trip Le Music, Twilight of the Gods (end), Ucieczka z Tropiku, Unimaginative, Weird, Who Sucks Now ?, Without Wonder, Wonderland X Introtune, X.T.C., Xenophobia, Xmas Mix, Yellow River, Zone of Darkness, Zool (Commercial fake), Zu Ende
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