Mini Pac-Man
Herní styl Collect'em Up (Racing)
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 9992
Programátor Atle Salte
Grafik (Unknown)


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název Ody Rip Disk #5
Typ C64 Music Collection
Vydal 25.1.1997 / Braindeath
Hudba 6R6, Beathoven, Bordeaux, Brian, Cleve, Compod, Djinn, Dooshek, Dr. Zoom, Eco, Fanta, Froyd, Fuben, Goto80, Gregfeel, Jeff, jetan, Link, MHD, Nantco, Olsen, Page, Peet, Phreakis, Praiser, PRI, QBhead, Rabbi, Ragman, Rayden, Red Devil, Scortia, Signor, SoNiC, The Alien, The Syndrom, Thor, Touldie, Vip, Wisdom, Zonix, Zyron
SID(y) 1st Intro, 4Ten5, 5 People in a Ford Fiesta, Abstakcja, Anarchy, Big Trouble, Breath of Air, Butterfly, Chameleon, Chinatown, Christmas Medley, Cockcrusher - Zoomer, Comic Frame, Cool Night, CoverGirl Strip Poker, Deep Town, Destruction, Die Kneipen, Driven #17 (not finished), Everybodys Free (c64 dream mix), Fatality, Fear and Media, Feddamys, Fields, For Pirates Only, Fortress, Fruit Fest, Gotic, Grimace, Happy Christmus, Have a Nice Time, Jazz Fan, Kirta, Mariah Carey, No Limits (tune 10), Object of Art, Origon (loader), Paranoia (for Insider), Rats!, Schmoove, Sea of Fear, Slapped Bass, Soldier of Fortune, Staggering Home, Techno Mix, Teqnoir, Toiletpaper, Touch Down, Trancelusion, Try to Explain, Twierdza, Vision of You, Waterdance, X-Ray, Zoophyte
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