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Prodigy, The
Herní styl Arcade 3D
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1986
Programátor Mev Dinc
Grafik Gary Thornton


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    • Faithful emulation of 6581 and 8580
    • Easy upgradable firmware (just run .PRG)
    • Plug & Play solution
    • No PAL/NTSC switching needed, old/new SID auto detection
    • Lower intereferences in sound than original
    • Much lower current consumption than original
    • Sound tuned in cooperation with a C64 musician


    • Replacement of MOS6581 and MOS8580 used in famous Commodore C64. Minimalistic solution (in circuit, not in power :-)
    • Really "Plug & Play" solution. Just remove the old SID and insert ARMSID into the socket and youre done.
    • Automatically detects the supply voltage and starts appropriate emulation (can switch old and new SID emulation with software on the fly)
    • No need to switch PAL/NTSC - ARMSID is always synchronous at any moment on the C64 system bus.
    • Real measuring analog inputs - POTX POTY for use paddles and mice like 1351 etc.
    • Analog out is adapted for C64, no modification needed on the mainboard. Just Plug & Play. Works great with C64 Reloaded as well.
    • Output sample rate is 1/16 clock of C64 - 62kHz/12bits, no PWM emulation, just pure D/A hw converter
    • Filters completely transferred to digital float point arithetic
    • Lower interferences in sound form power supply than original
    • Lower power consuption than original - hundered times
    • Easy firmware upgrade in C64 via .PRG, no need to open the computer
    • Based on STM32F410 - ARM Cortex-M4 core (with floating point unit) running at 100 MHz
    • Analog output with AD8515 amplifier


    For sale @ Revision: Sillicon/Unreal

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