Andromeda III
Herní styl Text only
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1984
Programátor Keith Matthews
Grafik (None)


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název Musix Collection 3
Typ C64 Music Collection
Vydal 1989 / Fristies
Hudba Banana, Brandis, Chris, Danko, Digiblaster, Finland Cracking Service, Frank Schäfers, Invisible, JBB, JCH, Jörg Schäfers, Laxity, Link, Markus Schneider, Michael Detert, Michael Hendriks, Narciso, Prizma, Rock, Square, Thargon, Wuiti, Zardax
SID(y) APC Music 20, Cave of Thoughts, Challenge, Contact 2, Demo Music, Disco Rap, Down by Low, Du Willst Mich Küssen, F/L 7, Fantastic Colours, FIG Again, For Shining 8, Fristie-Noise #02, Go for It, He Was Quick, Intro for Frantic, Introtune, L.L.L., Light Intro, Megablast, Megasound 1, Megasound 2, Merry, Midnight Hour, Mischmasch, Prizma SID-tune #1, Psycho Tune, Robocop, Rock'n Roll, Sex Games Preview (tune 4), Sky Breaker, Slartibartfas, Sprint Introtune, Square Song #006, Stranger, Super Gold, Together Forever, Tune 22, Very Cool, Xcellence (part 2), Yeeeezzz, Yippeeeee
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