Herní styl Miscellaneous
Multiplayer Bez multiplayeru
Rok vydání 1983
Programátor William Leader
Grafik William Leader


DSPD - Detail rylísu

Název Gaxar Tunes 2
Typ C64 Music Collection
Vydal 1997 / The Dark Realm
Hudba A-Man, Agemixer, Anvil, Babyface, dEViLOCk, DJB, Echo, Flotsam, Gop, Greg, Holger Knipping, JCH, Jeff, Jeroen Tel, Parson, PRI, PVCF, Red Devil, Sandman, SMC, Snap, T.L.F., Tds, The Alien, The Syndrom, Xayne, Zyron
SID(y) Bronskizak, Bus-stop, City Bomber (preview), Cottage Cheese, Cripton (Part II), Deuntje, Dreams (part 1), FAME on the Run (2), Gang I Den, Goodbye, Graveyard Blues 3 (part 3), Graveyard Blues 3 (part 5), Green, Grey World, Hiscore, Introtune, Lame Over (note), Lucky Times, MON Tribute, No Grammy, Perfect Day, S-Express, Safari, Shatter Lands, Shazam! (note), Strange Rythms, Strobestorm - The Market Mix, Survival, Tanc-Tanc, Tanzen Jahh, Tetroid, The Kingdom, To Be on Top (Remix), Torture 3 v2, Twilight, Xayne Jammin', Zack Theme
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